J.L. Hardy Construction

Building Nothing But The Best

Since 1990, J.L. Hardy Construction Corporation has built its success upon a foundation of satisfied clients who required strong partnerships and expertise to complete commercial construction projects.  Clients in warehousing, retail, municipal government, financial services, single & multi-family residence, commercial offices, and restaurants - all have enjoyed working partnerships that resulted in quality construction projects. 

Straight forward communication is essential to any project we undertake.  Mangers and estimators stay with their projects from start to finish.  That means you'll know where to find information when you need it.  We'll keep you informed - staying open and accessible every step of the way - to make sure you're satisfied.

"J.L. Hardy Construction has built and/or remodeled numerous commercial buildings, both mid-size and big box.  The projects were completed according to the schedule and within reasonable budgets.  Additionally, the construction paper flow and field construction problem were always handled efficiently."
-Stan Hoffman, Senior Director of Development, Western Region Developers Diversified Realty Corporation

A quality job - Satisfied customers - Steady and careful growth.  Thats the reputation we've been building long before we came together to form a company.  Put it to work.  With over 150 years of combined experience, J.L. Hardy Construction is prepared to complete your construction project at the height of quality. 

"I don't think we cold have been more pleased with their work.  Its good to know there are people out there who still dot all their "i"s and cross all their "t"s."
-Jody Robbins, Zone Construction Manger, Blockbuster Video 
"When it comes to working under tight deadlines and budgets, few builders, if any, are perfect.  But when we were dealing with J.L. Hardy Construction, things were always taken care of.  Nothing ever mushroomed into a big problem."
-Wayne Belka, Architect, WB Associates